Liverpool boss talks about Jordan Henderson after being sold

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Liverpool ‘s German manager Jurgen Klopp has confirm his full support for Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson despite calls for him to be releas.

Leave the club This year, Liverpool, under Klopp ‘s leadership. Has perform disappointingly. By dropping to 10th place in the Premier League points table. And already eliminated from two domestic football cups. The FA Cup and the Carabao Cup. the UFABET report

Given Liverpool’s poor performance, many people think that the beginning of the problem stems from the midfield where the players are aging. And the physical condition is not the same. With Henderson being one of the players who was criticized. Which has a voice calling for the release of the 32-year-old star and finding a new midfielder to replace.

Liverpool ‘s German manager Jurgen Klopp has confirm his full support.

With the Liverpool boss stating: “Henderson is not our problem. He was never a problem. and never like that.”

Klopp revealed Henderson had written a personal letter to every Liverpool player after the triumph and that now it is his turn.

“If he’s ready and in good physical shape. He has a 98% chance of playing in the games we have. Or probably around that.”