Dragon Tiger online betting game

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Dragon Tiger online If we are to rank card games that take time to play. Ascending the name of the Dragon Tiger card game. Must be placed in the top of the list. Because this kind of card game. There is a style of playing that is concise, fast, takes less time, exciting, fun to play until you forget the important time. Dragon Tiger card game is very easy to play even if you have no basic playing cards before. But if you can count the numbers, you know which numbers are worth a lot. Any number with low value is enough for playing Tiger Dragon.

Dragon Tiger will be a game that allows gamblers to choose bets between Tiger and Dragon side. Including special slots that will have tie, even-odd and color slots by looking. At the points from the cards placed on each side. But there will be an additional agreement to come. When the score is tied by looking at the mark of the face of the card which side has bigger cards The order of the cards from small to large, such as spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. สมัคร UFABET

Features of Dragon Tiger card game

  • Dragon Tiger is easy to play.  Dragon Tiger card game is a very easy card game. If you have no experience playing cards before how to play it The dealer will deal 1 card on the tiger’s side and on the dragon’s side, 1 card each. Whichever side has more points, that side will immediately win. For reading the Dragon Tiger card points, it can read the points according to the face of the cards. The letter cards J = 11, Q = 12, K = 13 have a payout rate for winning on the Tiger / Dragon side is 1:1 and has The payout ratio for winning a tie bet is 1:8 times.
  • The dragon tiger takes a little time.  Usually, betting on card games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Pokdeng may take from 2-3 minutes per betting round. But for the Dragon Tiger card game It only takes 1 minute to play, because there is no need to call more cards, do not combine any numbers to waste time.
  • Dragon Tiger has a good pay rate. Dragon Tiger is a card game where you have a chance to win up to 50% with a payout rate of 1 on both sides, without deducting 0.5%, just like winning on the banker’s side in baccarat. Therefore, it is considered a gambling game that is worth not less