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Symptoms of people infected with the disease “rabies”

until now When the patient is infected Rabies and began to show neurological symptoms There will be a 100% death rate from this disease. That is, no cure for rabies has been found yet. But luckily, the medical community has been able to develop a vaccine that helps protect against

Can RSV disease really be contracted from kissing the cheek?

Who are the parents of the little ones? You may have heard the name of this disease, “RSV disease“  . that it is a disease that can be transmitted by contact Or we’ve heard that young children get infected by ” kissing the cheek”  from an adult. What are the facts? Can we communicate

What is Zika virus disease ? How to protect?

Zika virus is one of the viruses that can have serious effects on humans. It was first discovered in the Zika forests of Uganda in 1947 in monkeys and later in humans in 1952 in Uganda and the federated state of Tanzania. The spread of the Zika virus

5 dangerous diseases that come with “rain”

During heavy rain every day like this Be careful of these rain-borne diseases as well. Prof. Dr. Wasin Laohawinij, resident physician in the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine. Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society. That should be especially careful as follows: 5 dangerous diseases that come

3 risky behaviors “Stomach perforation”

How dangerous is a stomach perforation? In most cases, this disease is not life-threatening. Except for some patients who come to see the doctor too late and have complications and become infected in the bloodstream. Symptoms of gastritis The patient will have severe abdominal pain in

Chronic sore throat, what to do if it doesn’t go away?

chronic sore throat It’s a common problem. This symptom is annoying to the patient. And it may cause the patient to have to see many doctors frequently because it does not get better. Some patients may need to take antimicrobial medication. many types for a long period of time Important

5 easy ways to reduce high blood pressure without taking medicine

Another health problem that many Thai people suffer from is “ high blood pressure ” which is often found in working age people until old age. People who weigh more than the standard and people with inappropriate eating habits Although it is a very common symptom And it is one of the