Symptoms of people infected with the disease “rabies”

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until now When the patient is infected Rabies and began to show neurological symptoms There will be a 100% death rate from this disease. That is, no cure for rabies has been found yet. But luckily, the medical community has been able to develop a vaccine that helps protect against germs. Can’t get into the nervous system. But the injection must be given to people who have been bitten by pets. Or being licked by a pet in the area around the wound or abrasion before the patient’s body becomes infected and shows symptoms.

When many people already know about this Nowadays, there are starting to be more patients who have died from Rabies disease has decreased to the point that many people may not know what the symptoms of people actually infected with rabies are and may be confused by information shared on the internet. Therefore, let’s come to know the real symptoms of people infected with rabies. It’s better to keep some. สมัคร ufabet

Symptoms of people infected with rabies

Initially, the patient may have a low-grade fever, sore throat, and loss of appetite. Then, they may feel a burning pain in the area where the pet bit them. Even though the wound has completely healed Later, he will begin to swallow water. and difficult food Because there will be pain from the contraction of the muscles used in swallowing. Started to have a fear of water restless Does not like bright lights, wind and loud noises. May have thick saliva coming out of the mouth. Until finally, they may lose consciousness, have seizures, paralysis, and eventually die.